The impacts of neuromarketing on digital marketing strategies

Basically speaking, Neuromarketing is the application of neuroscience to marketing, and it includes the direct use of brain imaging, scanning, or other brain activity measurement technologies to evaluate the potential consumers’ response to a specific advertisement or another marketing element.

For marketers, the promise is that neuroscience can reduce the uncertainty and conjecture that traditionally hamper efforts to understand consumer behavior.

Researchers use medical technologies to study the brain’s responses to marketing stimuli, as well as to measure changes in the activity in parts of the brain and to understand the consumers’ incentive of decision, further with the understanding precisely what part of the brain is driving the activity.

Which neuroscience techniques are encrypted in neuromarketing?

Until recently considered an extravagant “science”, neuromarketing has been enhanced over the past years by several groundbreaking studies that demonstrate its potential to create value for marketers.

However, even as the validity of neuromarketing becomes established, marketers still concern: Is it worth the investment? What tools are most useful? How can it be implemented well? In order to answer these questions, marketers need to understand the range of techniques involved, how they are being used, and what possibilities they hold for the future.

Understanding consumers’ behavior is such a complex process.

Emotional, cognitive, and behavioral information can be obtained using the following main neuromarketing techniques.

• Eye-tracking

Following the eye movement of the consumers in order to measure attention and arousal

•Electroencephalogram/Functional magnetic resonance

Following the eye movement of the consumers in order to measure attention and arousal

• Facial coding

Analyzing facial expressions and emotional responses

• Sensory marketing

Analyzing sensory reactions of the consumers

• Mind tricks/psychological methods

Addressing psychological tricks in order to boost sales

The application of neuromarketing in digital marketing

Did you know the wiring of the human brain could impact the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns? Here’s how it can and should be implemented into your digital marketing strategy.

In your digital campaigns, making your brand stand out among thousands of thoughts is not an easy task and this is where Neuromarketing comes in.

The neuromarketing techniques nowadays are essential to achieve better results in your daily job of optimizing the digital strategy.

In essence, neuromarketing should help digital marketers create paths of conversion, based on the cognitive characteristics of the consumers in order to convey them and to contribute to a specific economic choice.

This stands for intervening on texts, images, videos, design, and interactive elements of the page, but also of applications and understanding the touchpoint, an element that directs to lead.

The basic element that marketers should consider is to make sure that the main action is easily conceived by an image. An attractive image is what consumers notice first in a digital ad. Entertainment creates experiences in people’s minds that can influence their attitudes.

Consumers like to engage in a brand that has a unique voice. Your leads see your brand as a personality that has certain traits and characteristics. A brand that has a vague voice fails to connect with target audiences and ultimately loses the appeal to attract leads.

Additionally, consumers are motivated more by the emotional value of a brand than any other factor. According to some studies, the emotional connection is a more influential factor in attracting leads than customer satisfaction.

The same philosophy applies when it comes to digital marketing. Consumers get influenced more by an emotional trigger than any other factor.

Humor, also, is one psychological element in marketing that always sells. Everyone wants to associate with a brand that has a humorous personality.

Moreover, influencer marketing is one of the hottest trends in digital marketing. Humans have a tendency to trust industry experts. We have an innate trait to trust the advice of authority in an industry.

However, neuromarketing is not just about studying why consumers are buying your products at certain times or in specific quantities, it’s about repeating that purchasing process over and over in order to increase sales.

In addition, the following are a few key insights on how to apply neuromarketing in digital marketing strategies.

  • Social validation
  • Information
  • Storytelling
  • Client first
  • Scarcity
  • Pricing
  • Product display
  • Clear design
  • Giveaway

Knowing human behavior is essential.

Make your target’s digital experience memorable, innovative, adaptive, and make a lasting impression.

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